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At HeadSpire, the team works beyond the approach that relies on purely a programming language expertise by continually working towards understanding every aspect of the domain that is chosen. Over the last few years Headspire team has garnered a rock-solid expertise in the following mobile domains and continue to expand their horizons with every project they undertake. Their expertise spans:

  • Consumer Mobility.
  • Enterprise Mobility.
  • Web Applications.

Consumer Mobility

What handsets should we be targeting? What platform should we choose for building our solution? Can we assume GPRS/3G access on a customer handset? How should we reach them? Headspire team will start of by helping you answer some of these questions and translate your concepts into a product requirement. They will work with you in defining everything from the usability on how your solution would adopt onto various devices and form factors to completely architecting the middleware required for shaping your idea into a product. For instance, a Blackberry and an iPhone though similar in screen size have a completely different usage behavior thus an application that simply tries to replicate the Blackberry experience onto iPhone would likely fail. Theirexpertise in consumer mobility spans-

Social Networking

  • Complete Social Networking Engine : Photo profiles, User management, Communities management, Content sharing management
  • Mobile Content Optimization Engine: Web Content Optimization for mobile (text, pictures, audio, video)
  • Aggregation Engine: Integrating RSS/Atom content from web sources
  • External Communities Integration: Complete Integration with Facebook, YouTube, Blogspot, Flickr, MTV, VH1, Orkut (and many more) APIs
  • Content Streaming: Multimedia content (YouTube Videos, Yahoo Podcasts) over the mobile over RTSP
  • Multimedia Messaging: Share text/photo/audio and video to phone or email
  • Mobile Blogging, User Generated Content and zero click broadcast of multimedia content to social networking communities
  • Phonebook access and integration with social networks
  • Device Fragmentation Handling
  • Dating Service: Profile/Interest/Keyword/Location based matching and connection
  • Enterprise Mobility.
  • Web based Administration: User management, community management, etc.
  • Platforms: WAP, Android, iPhone, J2ME, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile

Instant Messaging

  • External IM integration: Gtalk, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, Windows Live
  • Client based IM support: Integrating with the APIs directly at the mobile client
  • Server based IM support: Jabber/XMPP
  • Peer 2 peer messaging: Real time messaging, offline messaging
  • Chat Rooms: Create/participate in chat rooms based on interest or location.
  • Group IM: Conference based messaging in real time and offline mode.
  • Localization support: Multiple launguage, non english character support
  • Location: Presence sharing in the IM client
  • Multimedia Messaging: Share text/photo/audio in the application
  • Device Fragmentation Handling
  • Platforms: J2ME, Symbian, BREW, Blackberry, Android, iPhone.

Location Based Services

  • Determination of location information using GPS APIs, Location API (JSR 179), Cell IDs, WiFi hotspots, user inputs
  • Ad Serving platform: Location and time based ad aggregation and ad serving engine to push location based ads
  • External Services Integration: Leveraging Google and Yahoo Maps to display location based data with capbilities to zoom in/out in real time
  • Integration with information directories (yellow pages, restaurants)
  • Connect people based on location Geotagging of photos, videos, audio and text
  • Device Fragmentation Handling: Several OEMs supported
  • Platforms: xHTML, J2ME, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BREW, iPhone, Android

Mobile Payments / Commerce

  • Mobile minutes purchase and gifting to peers on same network
  • Money transfers, bill payments
  • Payments Gateway Integration: Banks, Credit Cards, Paypal
  • Operator billing systems (Radius, Diameter)
  • Platforms: xHTML, J2ME, Blackberry.

Backup / Storage

  • Non client based syncing: Complete SyncML server implementation supporting vCard v2.0
  • Client based syncing: Update and Backup Contacts, Calendar and Todo List using PIM API.
  • Adapters for integrating with 3rd party services.
  • Upload contacts via Microsft Outlook over the web
  • Device Fragmentation Handling: Supported 500+ handsets of several OEMs including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, iPhone and Android.

Enterprise Mobility

Whether you are looking for a 24/7 surveillance solution to monitor the functioning of your organization over a mobile device or are looking to make your field force more productive by enabling real time mobile access to your enterprise ERP/CRMs, Headspire developers will be able to carve out a complete end to end solution customized to your business needs. The team will start working by understanding the organization workflow and help define the ways in which you can enable mobile access to your workforce. For instance, a small enterprise may only require a SMS based notification service while a large enterprise might be looking at enabling access to their entire CRM onto a Blackberry device.


Headspire develops all kinds of Web2.0 applications, with a special focus on developing Social Applications. The following is a list of areas of expertise:

  • Web2.0 Applications Development.
  • Facebook Applications Development.
  • Social Networks and Platforms Development.
  • Drupal Application Development.
  • Magento and OSCommerce based webshops and e-commerce solutions.
  • Application Development/RIAs.

Additionally, they are very well versed in developing with PHP, Javascript, MySQL and AJAX.


Headspire Managed ODC:

Best suited for:

  • Start-up companies and
  • For new-product launch

In this engagement, HeadSpire will have the onus to deliver your product / service. The delivery team will collaborate closely with your product management team to ensure timely product delivery as per the specifications.

Customer Managed ODC:

Best suited for:

  • Established companies and
  • Existing product / service.

In this engagement, HeadSpire customer will work with our dedicated Program Manager, who will manage the day-to-day operations and administer the productivity of the development team. Here, the Customer has full 'DIRECT' control of the team and takes complete responsibility for its delivery. This ODC model could be rightly referred as an 'extension' of the customer's onshore team.


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